Second-hand smoke — What is it?

Although the dangers of smoking are clear, what is less known in India is that passive smoking - breathing in other people's Second-Hand tobacco smoke also kills. Millions of non-smokers in India are exposed to levels of second-hand smoke, which is sufficient enough to increase the risk of chronic diseases and death.

Those particularly at risk are non-smokers, living with smokers or working in smoky atmospheres for long periods. For these reasons, non-smokers as well as smokers need to be aware of the health costs of second-hand smoke.

Research from other countries indicates that several thousand people a year in India are estimated to die from heart disease and lung cancer brought about by exposure to second-hand smoke. Even at low levels, exposure to second-hand smoke, can cause illness. Asthma sufferers are more prone to attacks in smoky atmospheres. Children are the most vulnerable and often have little choice over their exposure to tobacco smoke.